Oregon (2014)
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Oregon (2014)
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From A Personal Nature (2013).
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iPhone Photo, 2014
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Taking Flight

An exercise in storytelling. Taking Flight was conceived, researched and produced during a 48 hour time-frame in and around the Kelly Inn in St. Paul, MN. It was originally shown in slideshow form as part of LBM’s Camp for Socially Awkward Storyteller’s at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis MN in July 2013. The project looks at an alternative way to tell a story outside of a book or gallery setting. Taking Flight represents a 72 hours drive between Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN.

Watching The Eclipse, 2013 (Water, Vegetable Oil & Spray Paint). From the series “A Personal Nature.”
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iPhone self portrait with handmade mask. Ripping on Margiela while rough drafting ideas.
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Phone photo self portrait. Click here to view more on Instagram.
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Untitled (2013)
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"The glowing abstractions in Allen’s work blur together into a half-waking dream, and the residual uncertainty of oneself permeate the work as a whole: time, both waking and dreaming, becomes so shimmeringly oblique that it is impossible to tell the difference between reality and its mere representation and reconfiguration."
Excerpts from “A Personal Nature” previewing tonight’s book release. “A Personal Nature” is an expansion of the show currently on view at Nationale. Click-thru to view.
5-7pm. Nationale. Portland, Oregon.
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Recreating The Sunsets With My Finger Over The Lens (2013)
A nice review of my last solo show “A Personal Nature.” Click-thru the image to read the article.
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Remembering The UFO Appearing Over Lost Lake (2013)
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Somewhere in Wyoming (2013)
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Watching The Sunset From My Computer Screen (2013). From “A Personal Nature.”
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Combining Different Collections/Memories (2013). From the series “A Personal Nature” currently on view at Nationale in Portland, Oregon.
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